Charitable Contributions: Should I print out proof of donation for the recipients of a wedding gift?

Q: I’m invited to a wedding at the end of this month.  The couple is getting married on a beach at sunset.  Instead of gifts, they want donations to one of three specific charities.  Is it best to donate online, get some kind of a print out of the donation, and send it to them in a wedding card?  If so, when should I send the card?

A: Usually when you make a donation in someone’s name, the charity sends an acknowledgment to that person.  Therefore, it is important to indicate the couple’s name and address.  It doesn’t matter if you do make the donation on-line, by phone, or by mail.  It would be fine to send them a card once you have made the donation and mention on the card that you have made a donation to the specific charity.  If you make the donation on-line, it really isn’t necessary to print out a page specifying the donation.


  1. Deloree

    I recently attended a destination wedding for a couple who has everything. They did not specify no gifts. Would it be proper to give a donation in honor of their marriage to a charity of MY choice?

    • Alicia

      No. A wedding gift should be something commiserate with your budget and joy in the wedding that you think would best please the couple. So something they would like. Donation is possible but for their favorite charity not yours and only if you think that would better please them then a gift for them. In most cases a donation is not a gift to anyone other then the charity.

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