Bouquet Bandit: Is it OK for guests to take flower arrangements after the wedding is over?

Q: I was at a wedding recently and noticed a number of people leaving with baskets of flowers that had been on the tables.  Are guests supposed to take the table decorations?



A: It is inappropriate for a guest to take a floral arrangement from the table except when the bride and groom or the hosts indicate that it is fine to do so.  The couple may plan on giving the flowers to their church or to a grandparent or other person who was unable to attend the wedding.

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  1. Hawkins

    NEVER take arrangements unless you are told it is ok. At my sister-in-laws wedding I was a bridesmaid we were told by the bride to place our bouquets on the cake table during the reception. AT the end of the night when we went back to get them many were gone. This was not suppose to happen and I can’t tell you how hurt I was by this!

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