Spotlight Moment: How can I give my daughter a little special attention during my wedding?

Q: My daughter is 6 and is very excited about my wedding.  A few weeks ago I went to a christening and at it the DJ entertained the kids with games so they could win prizes.  They also had balloons for them.  My daughter mentioned that she would like to do something like that for ‘her big day.’  I do believe it’s a big day for her as well.  There are only going to be three kids at the wedding and although there will be a kids’ room, I would like to give her a spotlight moment.  Do you have any ideas for me to do something special for her?


A: It’s a lovely idea to include your daughter in the celebration.  However, a christening and a wedding are two different occasions.  It would probably be better for you to have the children’s room set up with balloons and games for the children so as not to take away from yours and your fiancé’s celebration.  However, you might consider having a special dance with your fiancé and your daughter or let her cut the cake with the two of you.


  1. My friend included his daughter, who was seven by giving her a neckless to symbolize their new family. They did this during the ceremony and it was very moving. You might also consider this form that more symbolic standpoint. Would it be meaningful for you daughter?

  2. Noah

    What an awful answer. LW says she wants to have an event during the wedding for her daughter, and asked for a sensible suggestion. EPI, says, “Sorry, you can’t do that. Here’s something different you can do.” Really? Does etiquette mean that it is not appropriate to have an event at a wedding for a small child whose mom is the bride? If so, I’ll choose inappropriateness.

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