Royal Throne: Whose responsibility is it to put the toilet seat down?

Q: My friend and I are in a heated debate about whether or not it is proper etiquette to put the toilet seat back down after use.  Could you put our query to rest?


A: In a unisex bathroom, the toilet seat should be put down as a courtesy to a woman who may be using it next.


  1. Lilli

    Leave courtesy out of it and focus on what’s most sanitary. Flushing with the lid open allows germs to be sprayed into the air and the surrounding surfaces. Gross. So you put the seat AND the lid down and it doesn’t have anything to do with what gender might be using the facilities next.

  2. Jessa

    Put the seat down. It’s not a big deal if someone doesn’t notice and tries to sit, they can be badly hurt. It’s not a matter of men vs women or anything else.

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