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  1. Lily

    I use the “American Style” of dining etiquette, especially when having a rice-based dish with manageable sizes of meat – so, essentially, I hold the fork on my right hand. I used to place my unused left hand/arm on my lap… until 3 weeks ago, when I was told that it was bad manners to place my arm so! Thus, I started placing my arm on the table (elbows and all) using it in some minor gesticulation. I googled this now and find that it is considered bad manners to have the left arm on the table even when the fork is in the right hand. Inputs appreciated! Thank you in advance!

  2. Seeing as you’re in Europe, you might want to rest your left wrist on the table,as that’s all that’s technically acceptable. In European etiquette, you’re not supposed to rest your arms on the table – as nanny would say ‘all joints on the table will be carved’.

    Seriously, I wouldn’t worry about it too much, just eat neatly- perhaps without resting your elbow on the table lolling our head into that hand!

  3. Kristin

    Is it polite or disrespectful to say, “are you sure” after someone answers your question? For example, she says “would you like another slice of pie?” He replies, “no thanks.” She then says, “are you sure?”

    • Elizabeth

      It isn’t rude to do so on occasion, but it would get annoying to be second-guessed consistently. It may come across as food-pushing, but on the flip side, some cultures place a lot of importance on keeping guests well-fed. If

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