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  1. courtney

    Just forewarning this is a long question. My mother has a picture of my great grandparents. (Her grandparents) kissing. My great grandmother was embarrassed by the picture & she let my mother have the picture on the condition that she never show it to anyone. Because both my great grandparents have passed my mother is now showing people the picture & making copies for people. I think she shouldn’t because it was promised no one else would see the picture. My mother thinks it’s ok because a promise is made invalid if the person you promised to died. She also thinks it’s ok because its now socially acceptable to take pictures of kissing. Opinions?

    • Winifred Rosenburg

      This is more of an ethical question than an etiquette question since etiquette only applies to the living. Ethically, my opinion is that although I see your mother’s point, she is violating the condition on which she was given this gift. What if the picture had been left to her in a will with the same condition? Would she still think she didn’t have to follow it because her grandmother is dead?

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