Breaking the Ice: When should I call on my new neighbor to welcome her to the neighborhood?

Q: I have a new neighbor who moved in five days ago.  When would it be appropriate for me to call on her and welcome her to the neighborhood?


A: Any time would be very nice.  You might take her a small welcome item — some cookies you bake, a bouquet of flowers, or a little plant, for example, and not expect to be invited in for a long visit.  This way, you can “break the ice” and even invite your new neighbor over for a glass of iced tea or cup of coffee a few days after your stop-by welcome.

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  1. David

    I agree with the answer above, especially if you and your neighbor live in stand – alone homes. In large cities, people often enjoy and prefer the privacy and anonymity of living in an apartment, and may well have moved there from smaller towns, partly or that reason.
    In that situation, I would wait until a “run-in” in the hallway to introduce yourself and offer a knock at your door, should they want advice or assistance. Overly – familiar neighbors in high rise buildings can be seen as busy – bodies (and resented) even though they are well-intended.

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