Bottle Club: What does BYOB indicate on an invitation?

Q: I am hosting a barbecue and would like guests to bring a beverage.  We will have some beverages so I don’t want guests to feel it is totally BYOB. I am unsure of how to appropriately address this. What should I say?

A: Usually BYOB on an invitation indicates that guests are expected to bring their own alcoholic beverages and the host provides the basics: soda, bottled water, and perhaps teas and fruit juice, as well as ice and drink glasses.  If this is the case in your situation, it would be fine to write BYOB on your invitations. If you think some may think they are expected to bring soda if that’s what they drink, you should include an RSVP, not a regrets only.This way when they call, you can mention what beverages you will be providing.

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