Boogie Woogie: Is it OK to blow my nose while at the dinner table?

Q: I know of many people who blow their noses while dining with others.  No one seems to be bothered by this.  Does that mean that this is correct?


A: Nose-blowing at the table should be limited to small puffs.  If what is required is big, noisy nose-blowing, this should be conducted away from the table. It is distasteful to others to hear or see someone bothered by mucus deal with it at the table.


  1. George Barnes

    When a younger person sees an older person who is responsible to speak first? Does it matter or is there a proper rule?

    • Elizabeth

      There is no hard and fast rule about this. Other considerations would include the relationship between the parties, the period of life each are in (adult-child vs older adult-younger adult), what the situation is that they’re in (business, family, casual, military, etc), etc. And still, with all of this, there are no real rules. American society has become so egalitarian that there is no blanket impropriety about anyone addressing anyone else.

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