Well Wishes: Should I call to congratulate my son’s engagement?

Q: My son told me that he asked his girlfriend to marry him and she said yes.  Should I call her with congratulations or wait for her to call me?

A: If your son and his fiance live nearby, it would be nice if your son brought her to your home for a time of celebration over the happy news.  If, however, they live at a distance, it would be a nice gesture if you called your son’s fiance to offer well wishes.

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  1. Hanja

    Seriously?! Call her! What’s wrong with being gracious from the start, rather than choosing to have high expectations and assume she knows if that is the “appropriate” thing to do, and then hold it against her if she doesn’t (we called my MIL and my parents together, but had we not been together, I wouldn’t have called my MIL, I’d have called my parents and would have expected him to call his mother). Anything more than that is nice but unnecessary in my opinion. Why not get the relationship off to a good start?

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