Perturbed Parents: Do I have to invite my child’s friend to her party although I don’t like her parents?

Q: We are preparing to send out invitations for our child’s birthday party.  She has a friend whose parents we do not particularly care for.  Do we convince our child not to invite this friend or just grin and bear it?

A: As long as the child can be expected to behave appropriately, she should be invited.  She’s your daughter’s friend, not yours.  Although you don’t care for her parents, this shouldn’t be a factor.


  1. Melissa

    Grin and bear it; the child should not be punished because you dislike the parents.
    Trying to convince your child to not invite that other child would simply be childish.

  2. Ruth Peltier

    I cannot tell from the original letter but it is possible the writer is planning the sort of party where the parents also attend. If this is so, I can understand her issue. However, I still think that the childrens feelings are the important thing. Both the birthday child and her friend will feel bad if the friend is left out. Also, the other children at the party might ask why that one child was not imvited, causing embarasment to everyone.

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