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  1. Amy

    I am expecting a baby in April. I have worked for the same company for 7 years, but have decided to stay home. On my last day of work, my coworkers threw me a surprise shower. I was so surprised and touched and extremely grateful! My shower is at the end of march, and I had already given some of my coworkers names to my hostesses for the guest list. I don’t want them to feel like what they did wasn’t enough, but would love for them to come just to enjoy the company. Again I had no idea they were throwing the surprise shower, and they were already on my list. Do I take them off the guest list? Or do I invite them anyway?

    • Winifred Rosenburg

      Yes you should remove them from the list. They will feel obligated to give another gift. Even if you manage to convince them they don’t need to give another gift, they will be uncomfortable showing up without a gift. Let them know they should stop by and meet the new baby after she’s born.

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