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  1. A woman we work with is getting married. Her maid of honor also works with us. Many co-workers are invited to the wedding & some are not. The maid of honor has informed us that she is taking up a collection so we, (co-workers) can pitch in to have a cake for her at work & to get her a bridal gift. Those of us who are not invited feel she is stepping over the line. Are we wrong for feeling this way? We don’t socialize with this woman outside of work at all.

    • Elizabeth

      She is stepping over the line. It is not uncommon to have a little celebration at work, a little cake or something, when someone celebrates a milestone. However, it is not a shower and you are not required to chip in for any of it. I would politely decline to contribute to the gift, and only show up to eat some cake and wish her well. At all of the small offices I’ve ever worked in, the boss/owner would provide the cake, not the workers. If the MOH wants to provide the cake, that would be nice of her. Otherwise, you can politely decline, or chip in a token amount like $5.

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