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  1. Robert Scott

    Dear All, greetings from the sunny isle of Jamaica.
    Too often speakers come to the lectern at formal events and say “all protocols observed” rather than recognizing the key functionaries/officers present. Please advise why this is wrong and please share your recommendation as to who should be acknowledged.
    Kind regards,

  2. Jenny

    Hello to all– I hope I am following the correct rules for Open Thread! I have offered to throw a “baby celebration” for a male colleague at my place of work. His wife is due at the end of this month. We have learned our boss’s wife had a miscarriage recently. My co-worker has wondered if we should postpone the baby celebration, so as not to be insensitive. I have said we should go ahead with this event (it’s at work, during the work day, just for staff). We have not yet sent out the invitation but now I wonder if we should postpone this. Your thoughts, please.

    • Elizabeth

      If the baby is due at the end of the month, you really cannot postpone it very long. It is commendable that you want to be sensitive to your boss, but life goes on and there are things worth celebrating – like your coworker’s impending arrival. I would go ahead with your plan. I wouldn’t make a huge deal out of it, just quietly go ahead with it. And if you would have invited your boss before, you should still invite him now. He will decline to attend if it’s too difficult for him.

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