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  1. Bob

    I divorced about 2 years ago after 32 years and am now engaged. I received a wedding invitation from a groom who’s family were family friends from my previous marriage and through our children. They haven’t met my fiance, and their worlds do not cross. Do I take my fiance to the wedding and/or reception? Concern is awkwardness for all parties.

    • Elizabeth

      That all depends: was your fiance invited? If she was invited, or you were invited with a plus-one, then you may take her. Otherwise, if you alone were invited, than the invitation was for you only. If you were invited with a plus-one, and you’re simply not sure if you should take her, it’s really up to your discretion. However, it would be rather sad for your fiance to be left at home and this is a good opportunity to introduce her to friends you otherwise don’t often see. Weddings are often large affairs, and if there’s someone (your ex) who you wish to avoid, it will probably not be difficult.

    • Jody

      This is a tricky question. As Elizabeth says, was the invitation to you alone, to you and a “plus-one”? If the latter, and your fiancee isn’t uncomfortable attending with you, I’d say bring her as your guest. I agree that if the invitation is to you alone you shouldn’t bring her (it sounds like your fiancee would understand). It’s possible the groom’s family doesn’t know that you’re now engaged.

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