Hallway Hellos: If I see someone I recognize but don’t know very well, should I say hi?

Q: I am a sixteen year old and I wanted to know, when you are in public and you see someone who has been in a few of your classes, but you don’t know him or her very well, what should you do?


A: You should say say, “Hi!” You should never pretend you don’t see the person.  If the circumstances are such that you can stop and talk for a minute or two, you may do so. “Hi Mandy!  How nice to see you outside of class.  I’m just looking for a new backpack but I haven’t found anything I like yet.  Do you have a recommendation for a good place to look?”  If you are with a companion, you should also introduce the person.  “Mom, this is Mandy Smith.  We have had some classes together at school.  Mandy, this is my mom, Mrs. Wilson.”  Don’t prolong the conversation if it feels awkward, but you can certainly acknowledge the person and make an effort to be friendly.

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  1. Nessy

    This is lovely advice. Young people, or any aged people for that matter, find it hard to know how to handle these sorts of situations. Whether from a lack of confidence or from the fact they haven’t received the ideal training/been taught the skills for handling themselves in public. Many adults could benefit from this answer!

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