Guessing Game: In what state should I leave the guest room after staying with a friend?

Q: I will be staying as a guest at a friend’s home and was wondering in what state I should leave a guest room.  Should I make the bed properly, make it loosely, strip the sheets, or wash them?  Everyone I have spoken to says something different.  Would it be OK if I asked the host myself how they would like me to leave the room?


A: Yes, the host what to do is fine, although most host’s would say “oh, just leave it and I’ll take care of it.”  Therefore, it is fine to strip the sheets, replace the spread, duvet, or comforter on the bed, and fold the linens at the foot of the bed so that the hostess can just scoop them up on the way to the laundry.  If it is someone you visit often and feel close to, you certainly can take them there yourself.

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  1. Jody

    I’d definitely ask the host and do whatever he/she says. I wouldn’t however, replace the bedspread/comforter unless the host wants you to — it’s possible your friend wants to remake the bed with fresh sheets and if you’ve already replace the bedspread that’s just creating a bit of extra work for the host. Even if my host says “oh just leave it,” I try not to leave the bedding strewn all over.

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