Embarrassing Break: How can I make amends for accidentally breaking a guest’s dinner chair?

Q: At a recent dinner party for six my husband accidentally broke two pieces off the back of one of the expensive dining room chairs.  He was telling a story and moved his elbows back too quickly.  We were all surprised; the force was not that great.  We feel we owe them more than an apology.  What should we do?

A: It would be appropriate to offer to pay to have the chair repaired or replaced.  Even though the force of your husband’s elbows was not that great, he is still responsible for the damage.  Of course, your hosts could decline your offer but, in all likelihood, will appreciate the gesture.

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  1. Jazzgirl205

    Chairs are easier to repair than you might think. Call a repairman who has references who can vouch for his skill with antiques. Call your friend and say that you have found someone who can fix the chair and that you will receive the bill. Ask what time the repairman can pick it up. Even if they decline your offer, they will be impressed that you did your homework instead of just offering to pay for it.

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