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  1. Sharon

    My niece is throwing a bridal shower for her sister (my other niece) in a state other than where I live. I was not sent an invitation, however, 3 days before the shower I received an email from the sister throwing the shower saying that she knew I couldn’t be there, but the guest are all going in on a ‘big’ gift for the bride and did I want to contribute
    (no pressure) Am I wrong in being blown away at being galled at the greed ?! I have not replied (yet) and would love suggestions how to respond.

    • Elizabeth

      It is absolutely incorrect to solicit bridal shower gifts from people who are not invited to the wedding. However, one does not want to respond to rudeness with rudeness, so you can either ignore the email, or send a short and sweet decline. “No, thank you, but please send Bride my best.”

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