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  1. Maria


    I am having a first birthday party for my son and am wondering how to address the envelopes. Should the envelope read “The Smith Family” or just “Child’s Name” or “Bob and Sue Smith and Child’s name”?

    Also, how do you address an envelope to the parents and child of an unmarried couple? The child has the father’s last name.

    Thank you in advance

  2. Cat

    I don’t know about the first part of your question, as the answer to me would depend on who were you inviting, just the child, or the parents as well. If you were inviting just the child, I would address it to the child. They will get much joy out of getting mail addressed to them.

    If you were inviting both parents and child, and this goes for the second part as well (I am basing this off envelope ettiquette I have seen before on this site) I would put the parents on the first line and the child on the second, so that it would read

    Bob Smith and Sue Brown
    Joe Smith

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