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  1. Lauren

    I am getting married this summer and recently came across a great deal on wedding invitations but the invitations do not come with the inner envelope. What is the best way to handle addressing the invitations without the inner envelope?

    • Alicia

      If no inner envelope then use outer envelope to address who is invited so outer would read something like
      Mr and Mrs Homer J Simpson
      Miss Lisa Simpson
      Master Bartholomew Simpson
      Miss Margaret Simpson
      123 Evergreen Terrace
      Springfield, ??

        • Alicia

          Envelope just to them include a note inside saying that they may bring one guest and to please include the name of the guest on their RSVP card.

  2. Allison

    For formal wedding invitations, we have to print our address twice (i.e., return address on the outside envelope and envelope for the response card). Do you put a comma between the street and directional indicator? Would you write the address as “1234 Main Street Northwest” or “1234 Main Street, Northwest”. Also, is the rule any different if it is a single or dual directional indicator (e.g., North or Northeast). Thank you so much!

    • Elizabeth

      This us not an etiquette question, but a postal one. Write it however you always write it. Or if you’re writing out something you normally abbreviate, check with the post office to make sure it’s correct..

  3. Oliver

    My girlfriend and I are looking for a better term than Boyfriend/Girlfriend. These sound like we are 14, not in our 30s. We are looking for something that represents our age as well as the seriousness of the relationship (we’ve been together for 2 years). This comes up when we are in mixed company and need to introduce each other. One might suggest saying “This is my date” but that suggests that we have been in a relationship for only a short time. After asking several friends/family they suggested several alternatives:

    Partner – sounds too much like a business partner or implies a same-sex partner.
    Lady/Man friend – cutsie, but can’t really be used in many settings to introduce each other.
    Beau/Belle – too old fashioned, southern, or French.

    Please help,

    • Elizabeth

      I think you are looking for a word that doesn’t exist. Most people in your situation would use boyfriend. I disagree that it has juvenile associations. I also know people who use partner to refer to someone of the opposite sex. Either of those work fine.

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