Challenging Condolences: What should I say to a friend who lost one baby but the other survived?

Q: I’m really struggling with a situation and need advice. My good friend was
pregnant with twins and went into premature labor. Baby A survived for a
short time and passed away, while Baby B is in intensive care at the
hospital. How do I communicate my sympathy for the passing of Baby A, while at the
same time celebrating the birth of Baby B?

A: This perhaps is not a time for celebratory messages but rather “thinking of you” thoughts. Let your friend know that you are thinking of her during this difficult time, both with sadness for the death of Baby A, and hope and love for Baby B, and for her and her husband.

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  1. jordi

    I agree with the first answer. I think letting her know that you are sorry to see her going through such a difficult time and offering your time to her in any way she feels would be helpful would be the most comforting thing at this point.

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