Thanks All Around: Does every guest receive a thank-you note?

Q: Is a child required to write a thank-you note to the children who attended his/her birthday party? We have followed the rule of writing a note to anyone who sent a gift but was not in attendance. However, we have noticed that many children are sending thank-you notes to all party attendees, not just the absent ones. Which is the proper etiquette?

A: If your child opened the gift in front of his friends and enthusiastically thanked them at the time, he or she is not obligated to send a thank-you note. You are correct that a note is mandatory when a gift was sent. The child should also thank his or her guests for coming to the party as they leave.

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  1. Winifred Rosenburg

    This child’s friends seem to have it backwards. Thank-you notes go from the guest to the host, not the other way around. (Although hardly anyone does this anymore.). I wonder if it’s more an act of laziness sending the same thank-you note to everyone without personalizing it based on what was given?

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