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  1. Michael

    My boyfriend and I exchanged Christmas gifts earlier this evening. I got him some nice shirts, and he got me a beautiful necklace. When I got home, I noticed he had accidentally included the receipt with the gift receipt in the box. And though I feel I should have disregarded it, I peeked and saw that he spent three times what I spent. Now I feel bad for being cheap. How should I tactfully proceed? His birthday is in a few days, should I add some extras to his gift, or would that be too obvious? And what are the best ways to avoid this in the future?

    • Alicia

      You should ignore it. Price is not the best judge of a nice gift. Nor is price parity needed. Maybe he is not as good of a shopper and thus pays more is an item less worthy as a gift if on sale of course not. Buy him a kind and thoughtful gift that you think will make him happy and that is within your budget.

  2. Darlene

    When visiting, if told to help yourself to whatever is in the refrigerator, is it proper to open an unopened package of food?

    • Alicia

      You may open a new package within reason if it looks or you suspect it is a fancy treat or for a later dinner refrain but if you think it is normal everyday food just not open yet then go ahead.

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