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  1. Donna Wilson

    My daughter’s boyfriend’s parents have invited her to visit his family over the holidays? They bought the plane ticket. She will be staying about 10 days. Should I offer to help pay for the ticket or should I send a note and a check to help with the expenses of having her there (extra food, utilities, etc.) I have not met his parents. Thanks.

    • Alicia

      Neither. You shouldn’t do anything. Well maybe mail a regular holiday card. Your daughter should get them a kind host gift but this is on her as she is an adult if traveling to boyfriend holiday. Daughter should also be a gracious and helpful guest and speak to boyfriend in advance so knows what holiday tradition she is going to.

  2. Meg Michael

    Is fried okra considered a finger food or not? My son and I are having a debate to determine what dictates proper etiquette . Please help us settle the debate.

    • Elizabeth

      I have never eaten fried okra, but from photos on the internet, it seems a lot like a french fry, onion ring, fried mushroom or even fried chicken – all of which I would consider finger foods. (I have also eaten all of these with a fork at times, just based on the kind of restaurant I was at, or how messy the food or sauce was.)

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