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  1. Kuheyli Srikanth


    I recently celebrated my birthday and a lot of close friends left birthday messages on Facebook wall, which I found rather odd. I believe that its ok to wish acquaintances on Facebook (even then I like to leave a personal message in their FB inbox rather than write on their wall) and that when it comes to close friends, I always pick up the phone to personally wish them. I do understand this is a personal choice but I want to know if there are any rules to wishing someone for their birthday.

    Thank you.

    • Alicia

      Facebook actually prompts people to write a wall post on someones birthday. It is probably the most common birthday wish these days. Yes call your close friends but a public hey happy birthday is both polite and kinda nice take it how it is meant which is quick yet kindly. Consider it the equivalent of if someone saw you in person and said those words where others could hear. There are no rules on birthday wishes.

  2. Melissa

    Hi! I have a dilemma. We host Christmas every year at our house and always do a gift exchange. Usually it’s a secret santa. Well, this year we have a couple of family members who can’t afford to participate and have said they wouldn’t be. How do I handle this when everyone else is on board with the gift exchange? Is it unfair to them to continue with this plan and just have them sit and watch everyone else? Please help!!! I really don’t know what to do!

    • Alicia

      No it is not unfair for them to just sit and watch as they have declined to participate. However, maybe scaling back to be more inclusive something like a small dollar white elephant or simply skip the exchanges. Also lowering the money amount could make it easier for people.

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