Crossing Correctly: How to properly cross your legs

Q: Should a lady cross her legs at the knee or at the ankle?

A: While good posture when seated is as essential as when standing, there is no specific etiquette guideline which suggests that it is more correct for a lady to cross her legs at the knee or at the ankle. The focus remains on sitting up straight without slumping, slouching, or leaning so as not to convey laziness, disrespect, or disinterest.


  1. Jody

    I think part of it depends on the length of the lady’s skirt and where she is sitting. If she’s wearing a short skirt, crossing her legs at the knee probably displays more than she intended. If she’s sitting on a platform or stage, a similar problem arises.

  2. Madison

    I believe in cotillion we learned crossing your legs with one knee over the other is sloppy. We learned the proper way to sit is with our legs crossed at the ankles and the knees together.

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