Too Hot To Handle: Can I blow on my food?

Q: Is it proper to blow on food to cool it, if it is too hot?

A: No, because you are then blowing across the table, onto other food, or into someone else’s space. Instead, lift a bite-sized portion onto your fork and simply hold it for a few seconds until it cools.


  1. D

    I’d have to whole-heartedly disagree. Wait with a spoon in your hand for it to cool? That’s ridiculous! No one blows their food across a table anyway, I’ve never seen that happen. Lightly blowing without making a lot of noise is perfectly acceptable.

  2. Suzanne

    This topic reminds me of a commercial for canned soup that has been on the TV lately. In the commercial, a young couple is serving dinner to their parents/inlaws for the first time and somebody mentions that “Thank goodness we aren’t eating soup from a can” or something to that effect. At which point the mother-in-law, having just delivered a spoonful of soup to her mouth, “blows” her mouthful in apparent dismay at the idea of eating canned soup. It is disgusting! I have been considering a letter to the Campbell Soup Co to take the ad down. The commercial is on Nickelodeon, right there for the kids to see and emulate.. Ugh!

  3. This is one more reason why eating with knife and fork always saves you from running into this kind of problems. Starting from the outside and cutting small pieces will take the heat off.
    If spooning hot soup, you also use small scoops and maybe give it a stir to blend cooler outside parts with the hot center.
    Good luck!
    Mariette’s Back to Basics

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