Showered with Showers: Is a gift required at each bridal shower?

Q: I am a bridesmaid and have been invited to several of the bride’s showers. Do I give a gift at each shower?

A: The bride should tell you that she would love to have you be there but that under no circumstance are you to bring a gift to each. If she hasn’t done this, it is still fine to attend but not give a gift. No guest should be invited to more than one shower, other than bridesmaids, and when they are, they are not expected to take a gift to each. You also may decline the invitations if it is difficult for you to attend.


  1. Alicia

    Another way to deal with this is to buy a gift that can be divided or several very small but related gifts. Some things I have done
    Holiday kitchen towels with different holidays at each shower
    Silverware with spoons at one shower forks at another knives at the third
    Ceramic pie pan for one shower, rolling pin and pastry brush for second , recipe along with nutmeg cinnamon and apples at third

  2. Vanna Keiler

    Great suggestion Alicia. And remember, if you are low on funds, you can always visit your local Dollar or discount store, which sometimes is stocked with household items including dish towel sets, picture frames (for keeping great memories), photo albums, and even frivolous, fun items like small boxes of candy. A friend of mine with a tight budget bought me the nicest oven mitt and oven towel for my wedding gift from a local dollar store…and it was put to good use! Therefore, in lieu of nothing, a small token gift should be sufficient.

  3. Jazzgirl205

    I got married in the 80s when my family was still socially prominent. Therefore, I had a lot of showers and invited my bridesmaids to all of them. I told them not to buy me a gift since they had already given me a wedding gift. When unwrapping gifts at these showers, I would casually mention the lovely gifts my BMs had already given me so the girls would not seem emptyhanded to the other ladies.

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