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  1. Jody

    I have a holiday gift-giving etiquette question. I sit with some friends at church every Sunday; they have 7 children, including a 6-month-old baby. On holidays I give the children something small (with the parents’ permission) and make sure that each child gets the exact same thing so the younger ones don’t squabble. I haven’t gotten the baby anything because (i) she’s too small to know what’s going on and (ii) she’d be getting something different. For Christmas I’ve gotten the other kids a small candy-filled toy. Do you think I should get the baby something or do you think it’s OK to keep going as I have been? I can’t think of something small and inexpensive (like $2 or $3) that would be suitable for a baby.

    • Alicia

      Either a gift for the baby or not is fine. That said a bib, a pacifier, a small plush , some socks, ect are all possible at the $2 pricepoint. However I would not feel obligated to give a gift to this infant.

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