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  1. polite punk

    A few weeks ago, I invited some friends and their five-year old over for dinner and a child-friendly movie at my apartment. After we made the date, I decided to invite two mutual friends as well. Everyone was planning on bringing something to contribute to the meal.

    However, the morning of the dinner, the mother called to notify me that both she and the son were coming down with a wicked cold and feeling quite under the weather. Thus, the three of them were unable to attend dinner that night.

    The question is: should I still have dinner with the mutual friends? Or reschedule for a time when everyone is well? Either way, what communication should I have with the mutual friends upon receiving this news?

    • Elizabeth

      If I were one of the mutual friends, I would feel a bit resentful that the main purpose of the event was to host the family and I was a provisional guest whose company was not really desired. I think you should keep the date.

  2. Jody

    I think either way is acceptable. If the main purpose for organizing the dinner was to host the parents and child, it would be logical to reschedule. It also might be nice to have dinner just with the mutual friends with no child present. Whichever you decide, I think a call to the mutual friends is in order, either letting them know you’re rescheduling (this should be done as soon as possible) or letting them know the parents/child are ill and unable to attend but the dinner is going on as planned.

  3. polite punk

    Thanks. The main purpose was actually for the child to watch a movie on a larger screen. The parents don’t have a TV and I have a home projection system. It seemed like a good reason for us all to get together for dinner.

    I was somewhat conflicted about rescheduling, but ultimately decided to do it for a variety of reasons. I did get in touch with the mutual friends right away and we rescheduled for a few weeks from now when hopefully everyone can make it.

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