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  1. Jeanie Kimmel

    Am I obligated to send a wedding gift if I havent communicated with the parties in the past 2.5 years? Advise please.

    • Alicia

      You are never obligated to send a wedding gift. If invited to wedding then you are obligated to RSVP promptly. Beyond that your relationship, budget, and good wishes determine what if anything you would like to send.

    • Winifred Rosenburg

      I agree with Alicia but would like to clarify that if you go to the wedding you should give a gift. If you do not go, you do not have to give a gift.

  2. Pam

    Etiquette question:
    While riding in a co-worker’s car to lunch, it sounded like a window was barely open. I tried to roll it up, but the window didn’t move. Another co-worker could hear that it was open, and told me to try to roll it up. I tried and there was a loud pop. I think the regulator broke. The car is four years old and the warranty just expired. Do I offer to pay for the repair?

    • Elizabeth

      No, I don’t think so. You did not do anything negligent or anything outside the bounds of normal operation. The window would have broken whether it was you or someone else pushing the button. Just because it happened to be you doesn’t mean that you are responsible for the window. Unless the car’s owner specifically told you not to touch the window, you are not in the wrong. I hope you are not being pressured to pay.

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