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  1. Charles


    My question is about thank you note etiquette for unmarried cohabiting partners. Many of my friends generously give to various social causes that I undertake, but when I go to send a thank you note I am embarrassingly flummoxed. If one person sends a generous gift such as a check, should I thank both adults in the household? My married friends have both names on their credit cards, checks, etc. and I thank them both, but I am unsure if I should assume that gifts from unmarried friends should be thanked accordingly or if my thank you notes should be addressed directly to the person who signed the check or swiped a card to donate. What should I presume about their shared financial situation and corresponding interest in my endeavors?

    thanks very much for your assistance!

    • Alicia

      I would sent the thank you to whomever signed the card that accompanied the gift. So if only signed from one partner then send thank you to them. If says from both then send to both.

  2. JIll

    I am a member of a board . When inviting the board members to my home for a party do I need to include their children? I do not have any children living in my home. I realize that to get a sitter is sometimes difficult but also realize that parents like ‘Adult time’. There are 8 members to the board and 2 have small ( under 10 years) active children. What is the norm for Board events in our home? ( not picnics outdoors)

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