Holiday Shopping for the Hard to Shop For

There’s always that one person on the holiday shopping list who’s difficult to shop for. It might be a dad who always seems to get ties and golf balls, or maybe it’s a grandparent who has everything they could possibly need. And with teens, it can be tricky to know what’s “in.” As with any gift, think about the person’s interests, and when you’re unsure what to give someone at the holidays, then consider surprises, consumables, gift cards, and alternatives.  With its wide range of great products, Staples is the place to find a perfect gift for everyone on your list.

Surprises are fun gifts that the recipient wouldn’t likely purchase for him- or herself.  For example, browsing through Staples you will find a wine Brookstone Wine Preserver or a measured wine glass for the wine enthusiast, digital drumsticks for a teen, or the Martha Stewart Home Office convertible tablet case for a busy mom.

Consumables, such as gourmet food baskets, candles, or fun office supplies, such as Post It Ever Notes, are often a terrific option for people who have everything they need, or who don’t have room for more in a small home or apartment.

Gift cards are another popular option if inspiration isn’t striking. Gift cards to Staples and other popular stores are all available at Staples in a variety of amounts.

Alternatives are gifts that aren’t physical—this could be an evening of babysitting for nieces and nephews or tickets to a play or concert. Though there isn’t anything to unwrap, these gifts of time can be just as special.

And when all else fails, look for a gift you think would be fun to receive, and share why with the giver.

*This post is sponsored by Staples.


  1. KV

    Really thought this would be a useful article, helping me find gifts for people who are difficult. Unfortunately, it’s only ideas that anyone would have thought of, plus an obnoxious commercial for Staples. Please, if you feel you must sell out and have a sponsored article, at least either make it useful or let me know BEFORE the article that it’s going to be a waste of my time.

  2. dd

    Very annoying and not at all informative. In future please put the disclaimer at the beginning and please do not make a habit of this type of post. Thank you.

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