Gifting Your Boss: How much is too much?

Q: In regards to business gift giving, is it appropriate as a group to give the boss an impressive Christmas gift ($150-$200) each year? The boss always takes these 8 people out for a holiday lunch, which is nice. But the gift to the boss seems excessive and feels awkward.

A: In an office, individuals may contribute to a group Christmas gift. The value of the gift doesn’t have to be based on what the boss spends for a holiday lunch but what the individuals can afford and want to give toward a group gift. It’s a matter of choice.


  1. Lilli

    Also keep in mind how the boss has reacted to such gifts in past years. My boss got awkward once when I just gave him some of my homemade biscotti (a very cheap gift that I do for everyone this time of year!) and felt like he had to run out and buy my something. So I’ve just stopped to make it less awkward and leave a bigger tray of them in the break room for all to enjoy (including the boss).

  2. carol frazier

    My husband and I plan to give our son and daughter-in-law cash for Christmas. Which is appropriate ? To give them an amount together or give them an amount separately ?

  3. Ruth Peltier

    I think either would be okay but if I chose to give to each seperately, I would be sure to give them equal amounts.

  4. Joanna

    Another important point to consider – is the boss taking the group out on his or her own dime, or using some kind of company expense account? Do the employees even know 100%? That IMO is also a major distinction.

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