Spaghetti Specifics: How to eat it properly

Q: I work with children and am writing a trivia game about manners. One of my questions is about the proper way to eat spaghetti. My co-workers and I have been debating this issue for about a week. What is the proper way to eat spaghetti?

A: There are really three ways to eat spaghetti. The first is to take a few strands on the fork and twirl the spaghetti around the fork, holding the tines against the edge of your plate. Whether you do this with your right or left hand depends on whether you eat American or European style – Americans eat with the fork in their right hand, Europeans with the fork in their left hand. The second is to cut it in to sections and eat it with a fork, and the third is like the first, except you use a spoon instead of the edge of your plate to twirl the spaghetti against. It is true that Italians generally don’t use the second or third methods, but that doesn’t mean they are incorrect.


  1. Ruth Peltier

    Or try my method, 4) break the spaghetti up before you cook it. Then eat it with a fork like anything else. (You also can buy spaghetti cut that way )

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