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  1. Keri Kujala

    I am a corporate event coordinator. Many of our invitations provide guests the option to RSVP by returning a RSVP card or sending an email. I like to respond to all of the emails to confirm that I have received their response for their attendance plans. When guests reply that they will be attending I respond with a thank you and recap the details, however, what would be the proper etiquette to respond to guests that do not plan to attend?

    • Elizabeth

      I think you have a few options: you could simply do nothing, which is probably what the people responding with regrets would expect. Regrets for events typically do not necessitate a reply – you do not reply to those who send in the card, why reply to those who send an email? Only people who have said they are coming would be anxious for a confirmation and additional details.

      Or, you could write something quick that sounds vaguely like an automated response, “Thank you for your response, we hope to see you at a future event.”

      Either is fine, but I vote for not sending something because people hate messages that just clog up their in-box.

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