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  1. Brooke

    This might sound a bit silly, but here goes… I play Words with Friends online with lots of, well, friends, and some of them do this: If they’re losing by a large margin and the game is nearly over, they “resign” the game and start a new one. It doesn’t matter if I had a few letters left I wanted to figure out how to play (which to me is the fun of the game), they just feel that the particular game is done because 1) they’re going to lose no matter what, and/or 2) they can only make words like “ha” or “it” with the few letters they have left. They don’t ask me if I would mind resigning the game — they just do it. I’ve told these friends that I don’t like that, and they argue with me that it was the sensible thing to do. I think it’s rude and poor sportsmanship. I want to have fun, down to the last two letters I get to play! So, what do you think — is resigning like that rude and unsportsmanlike, or should I just suck it up? Many thanks for your thoughts!!

    • Elizabeth

      Brooke, I can understand how you feel. You’ve made your preferences known, so I don’t know what more you can do about it, apart from simply declining to play with these friends and finding people who are willing to play the game through to the end. It’s possible that you’re so much better at the game than they are that it’s not fun for them. Since you’ve mentioned it once, I would drop it – after all, its just a game. Find more like-minded people to play with, and decline to play with the quitters.

    • Alicia

      In my mind it is not rude nor unsportsmanlike provided they are willing to do a rematch. Honestly those last few rounds of words like at, of, is, ect are boring for many people and if the match is decided it can be a lot more fun for folks to admit defeat and start a new game. That way you get new letters to play with to try and fit in and they are not stuck with the dull portion of the game. Also they may not have any words they are able to make I remember playing with my mom and having my last 4 letters be QQQZ once and well I resigned due to no words possible
      Taking these sorts of games too serious takes the fun out of it for many people.I will no longer play words with friends because my mom got mad if I played with others but not her and she would also get sad about things like resigning with the game is basically over and not responding fast enough.

      • Joanna

        My question, Brooke, is what happens if the reverse holds true – I’m sure the large margin isn’t always in your favor. Do your friends then want to continue, or do they also say let’s just start over?

    • Rusty Shackleford

      I’m not so sure I agree its unsportsmanlike to concede the game. Obviously this is a fairly new game, but there are many sports and games where it is considered polite to concede when there is little or no chance of winning. Golf puts are often conceded. In Curling, it is considered rude to force a team to continue playing when they are decisively ahead (since tournaments often involve 2-3 matches in a day). Chess games are often won by concession.

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