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  1. Becky

    Wedding is 2 weeks away…we are 40 something and this is second marriage for us both. We have asked that our guests not give gifts, but of course didn’t print this on the invitation and have relied on word of mouth. I anticipate that some may not have gotten the word on our request and that some will ignore the request. If gifts are brought, I would like to have them promptly removed from the public area so that guests that got word and/or honored our request don’t see a stack of gifts displayed that may make them feel they should have given something. If a gift giver asks about where their gift has gone, the response will be something to the effect that we wanted to make sure they were secure and that there isn’t much room to display gifts at this venue. Reception is in a B&B that really doesn’t lend well to a dedicated gift table…in fact, finding a good spot for the guest book was a little bit of a challenge. So my question is … am I missing some possible angle or unintended slight if we do this with the gifts?

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