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  1. Jennifer L. Osobka

    Hello All!

    My name is Jennifer, and my future husband Philip and I are getting married next fall in Texas. I moved here five years ago, where I attended college and met Philip. We decided to get married at the church by the college where we met, but have also decided to host a second celebration back in my hometown in Michigan, exactly a week after our wedding. My parents and family will attend only this second event. This second event will be a formal day-time, sitdown luncheon. My fiance and I are paying completely for our own wedding and both celebrations. How am I to handle invitations to this second event? Should I somehow mention the wedding that took place already? I do not want to confuse the invitees to this second reception. At the same time, I need to make it clear the wedding will already have taken place, and that this will be an elegant event.

    Thank you all!

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