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  1. Jane

    My company has a board member who routinely shows up to meetings and events anywhere from thirty minutes to 2 hours early. The board member ask the receptionist to use the restroom, and never returns to the lobby. Then the board member roams the building freely, knocking unannounced on office doors, or just shows up in the event space during set-up. This is a nuisance to staff, who are busy with final preparations.

    I’ve made comments to this board member about the early arrival, as well as saying I can’t socialize until I’m finished with my task at hand. It doesn’t work. The board member either continues to chat at me, or makes (what I perceive to be as) a passive-aggressive comment about displeasure in the situation.

    Amongst the staff, general consensus is that this early arrival is rude. But because it comes from a board member, we haven’t been successful in putting an end to this behavior. Any suggestions?

  2. Nonnie Mowse

    Ok, I’m going to go on a wild speculation limb here and suggest this is a question more for a mental health professional. The word ‘routinely’ is a flag for me. Are there perhaps other behaviors noticed that seem controlling, or OCD, or narcissistic? There may be no etiquette solution to this problem. Or, assign someone (or people) the task of being an escort or greeter, prepared for whenever the board member arrives, and will herd him or her back to the lobby and keep them occupied. If there is some personality disorder going on, expecting behavior to change is like expecting an average second grader to solve calculus; not likely.

    Board Member or not, there are apparently ‘rules’ about meetings and building security, and what applies to one should apply to all. If no other board member would have permission to do what this one is doing, ’nuff said.

    If I’m wrong here, maybe it will inspire other solutions. Good Luck!

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