Kissing Catastrophe: How to avoid an awkward greeting

Q: What is the proper way to greet someone/guest with a kiss? Which side/cheek do you kiss? It is always awkward and I end up bumping noses or smashing eyeglasses!

A: Everyone has this problem! Whether air kissing or actually planting lips on someone’s cheek, there is a traffic control protocol. First put forward your right cheek to the right cheek of the one you are greeting. You then pull back slightly and offer your left cheek. This should help you avoid the embarrassing bobbing of heads as you move toward one another from the wrong side.


  1. Heather

    Thanks for this. I have one acquaintance who always tries to greet me with a kiss on each cheek. I’m not used to it (she’s from Eastern Europe– not sure if it’s cultural, or just her preference) so I always get flustered and mess the whole thing up!

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