Double the Tax, Carry the 3: Holiday Tipping Etiquette

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In this bite, etiquette expert Peter Post talks holiday tipping etiquette: who to tip and how much.

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  1. Jody

    I like that Peter Post starts out with the advice to decide how much is in your budget for tips. That’s exactly what I do — make a list of people and then figure out how much is in my budget. I usually end up giving a gift to people on my list (condo manager, condo porter, paper carrier) but do make sure that gift fits within my budget.

    I would add that you should check what the company’s policies are on tips before handing one to the recipient. For example, if I recall correctly, postal carriers can’t accept cash and can accept gifts only under a certain amount so I’m very careful when selecting a gift for my carrier. Others on my Christmas list don’t have such restrictions.

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