Thank You Times Two: Should twins send out one thank-you note, or two?

Q: I have 13 year old twins who recently celebrated their bas-mitzvah. They each received a separate gift from most people. Should they send one thank you note signed by both of them, or should each of them send an individual thank you note?

A: If they each received separate gifts, it is correct for them to each send a separate thank you note.


  1. Alicia

    I am a twin. Absolutely they should send separate thank you notes regardless is group or separate gifts. They are separate people.

  2. Rachel

    On a related note, what about when gifts are received from twins? My daughter’s birthday party is tomorrow, and she has two sets of twins coming. If a set of twins gives one gift from both, is it better to send 2 thank you cards or 1? If she got one gift from twin A and one gift from twin B, she would absolutely send 2 cards. It’s the combined gift that’s making me think twice.

    • Alicia

      Write the extra thank you notes. It will not take much time and be appreciated. Twins often feel lumped together and so anytime you can treat them as individuals it is better to do so.

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