Personalizing Predicament: How to monogram with four initials

Q: I am thinking about naming my child using 4 names, a double first name then middle and last….how would I monogram her things using initials?

A: Congratulations! A new baby certainly brings to mind all kinds of questions.

Here are two options for you to consider (we’re using the sample name of Mary Kate Elizabeth Taylor)

Option 1:

MKET (all capitalized and all in the order they would normally appear: first name, second first name, middle name, last name)

Option 2:

MKTE (all capitalized but, in the traditional monogram order: first name, second first name, last name- initial is physically bigger than the rest of the initials- and finally the middle name initial.

The only reason why people tend to choose option one is because option two is not symmetrical, however it is a personal choice.


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