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  1. Becky

    My fiance and I are getting married in early November (second marriage for us both), but due to budgetary constraints had to limit our guest list quite a bit. Some dear friends have offered to host a wine and cheese party (open house style) the weekend following the wedding that would include many that we could not invite to the wedding. I just wonder about the best way to word the invitations since we won’t be married when they actually go out, and if they say something about honoring the new mr. and mrs., I know quite a few guests will immediately assume we’re already married. Anyone have creative suggestions?

    • Alicia

      1. Please join us for a wine and cheese on date at time and location. We will be toasting newlyweds Mr and Mrs Smith. ( by calling you newlyweds they point out that you just got married as of party date.)
      2. Welcome back Mr and Mrs Smith from their honeymoon with some wine and cheese. Drop by location on date anytime between x and y to welcome back home the newlyweds. (Honeymoon if taking one and newlyweds both imply just married)
      3. (If party is being hosted by one side or the other) Please join us in welcoming Becky’s brand new husband Bill into the group/family. Come get to know him over a glass of wine on date times at location.

  2. Becky

    thanks, these give me some options to start working with. as you mentioned it is being hosted by one ‘side’ however he has met most if not all of these folks. only problem is that most probably only know him as ‘Bill’ and the Mr and Mrs Hislastname might really throw them. Just can’t be easy, can it? :)

  3. Sally

    My fiancee and I are getting married in nine months. A good friend of ours recently told us to pursue his company’s retail store and give him several options that we’d like as a wedding gift. We’re flattered, but unfortunately his store is not in our taste at all. What’s the appropriate way to handle this delicate situation? We will have a registry available closer to the date of our wedding, but I’m not expecting our friend to want to get us a wedding gift from there.

    • Hi Sally,

      Unfortunately, I think you’re kind of stuck here. Your friend has put you in an awkward position by asking you what you want–but within specific parameters. That wasn’t terribly polite of him in the first place. But I think you now have two choices: either pick a couple of things that you dislike the least or reply with something along the lines of, “You are too kind! I’m sure you’ll choose something for us that we’ll love.” What you absolutely CANNOT do is ask him to get you something from somewhere else. You would then be insulting his store as well as his (awkward) gesture of generosity.

      • Elizabeth

        I agree with Cyra. A third option might be to choose something that you can easily regift. Your friend has put you in a bit of a spot, and I think that Cyra has good advice about how best to proceed.

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