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  1. Marie Lewis

    How do I deal with an overweight co-worker who discusses her diet ad nauseam? I understand that losing weight can be a struggle for some people but talk about weight and diets makes me feel self-conscious and uncomfortable especially at the dinner table. Thank you for any feedback.

    • Elizabeth

      I think you treat it like you would any bore who’s droning on and on about a subject. You change the subject, ask another person a question, and try not to respond or look interested lest they perceive any encouragement. You can use some detail of something she said to spur your comment. So if she’s talking about how hard it is to stay away from pizza, you can say “Oh, that reminds me, has anyone been to the new pizza place in NextTown? I just love NextTown, especially their park system. Has anyone rented the paddleboats they have at the lake there?”

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