All Grown Up: When to stop using “& Family” on an envelope

Q: What is the correct way to address an envelope when the children are no longer living at home but you want to include them in the invitation and do not have their address?

Should it be ‘Curt and Carol Schory & Family’ or should you list all the children’s names even though they are married and have different last names?

A: Children over the age of thirteen should receive separate invitations, especially in this case where the children are grown and married. It is perfectly acceptable to call the parents to ask for their children’s addresses so that you may send the invitation to them and their spouses. Using “Curt and Carol Schory and Family” is really only correct when the family members all live under one roof, and when the children are young.


  1. Shubha


    A question on Facebook etiquette:
    Is it okay to like a photo to which your friend is tagged, but you dont know the person posting the photograph?


    • Elizabeth

      Sure, why not. IF it shows up on your feed, then it’s fair game. If the person posting the photo doesn’t like it, they can change their privacy settings so that their posts don’t show up unless you are actually friends with them.

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