Shotgun!: The Etiquette of Carpooling

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In this bite, etiquette expert Peter Post talks about carpooling etiquette: best practices, common mistakes, and common sense advice.

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  1. Amy

    We drove a couple that are acquaintances to a wedding. It was about an hour and a half away and we all had been invited. We were perfectly happy to do so, it was really not out of our way, and it made the ride quite pleasant.
    When we dropped our guests back at their home, we were given a very generous gift card as a thank you. This was totally unnecessary and, in fact, made us uncomfortable. A simple thank you would have been sufficient. Any suggestions on how this should be handled as we do no wish to keep the card, plan to donate the money but not sure how to respond to the gifters!

    • Alicia

      The words thank you is all the response that you should do. An hour and a half drive is a huge favor and they were thanking you. Sounds like a nice gesture. Say thank you and then do whatever you want with the gift card.

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