Phoning Formalities: The appropriate times to call a landline

Q: I have always been taught not to call someone at home prior to 9:00am nor after 9:00pm. Is this correct? What is the rule of etiquette in phoning someone at home?

A: 9 p.m. is the guideline to use if you do not know for a fact that it is okay to call later.  If you know your friend always stays up until after 10 and doesn’t mind calls then go ahead.


  1. That sounds like a perfect concept for calling. Dealing with several continents however we often have received calls at 2:00 AM because the caller did add the hours of difference instead of distract them from our real time. The question: ‘Did I wake you up…?’ we did hear often! Not the best time for having a conversation when half groggy from sleep. Another time to consider is dinner time as one does not want to interrupt in any way a family meal!
    Enjoy a happy Labor Day weekend!
    Mariette’s Back to Basics

  2. Ruth Peltier

    Speaking of waking people, if you know someone works nights and is a day sleeper, do not call at 3 pm and say “oh were you taking a nap?”

    • Elizabeth

      I agree with you, but it seems as though there are so many reasons why one’s phone could ring during the day that the day-sleeper should probably take precautions so that their sleep is not disturbed by the thoughtless. For instance, it’s possible to program one’s phone so that only phones from certain numbers are allowed to ring aloud, while all others ring silently. Or one could unplug entirely, if in an emergency loved ones had another way to get ahold of you.

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